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We create safe, thought provoking, investigative processes to explore the challenges and opportunities present in the Gospel, our traditions and assumptions around its heart, and its relationship to the world.

TMN is a European and North American partnership that builds and develops relatinships, conversations, and resources to address the momentous question of how we  can participate in God's mission in our Western culture.  

Our Approach - The Spirit in Which We Do What We Do


Because we believe that God is potently active among us today, our primary calling is to listen to what the Spirit is inviting us to be and do. Our job is to listen to ‘the other’ with honor, respect, and genuineness—not out of duty or obligation, but from a deep-rooted love and care for each other.


Since there are no easy answers today, we must reengage Christian practices and experiment as we seek to discover and learn how God is leading us today.


As followers of Jesus who are committed to living as fully as possible into who God created us to be, we join ourselves to the heart of what God is doing in our communities and in our world to revitalize and restore all of creation.

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The Introductory Issue of our Journal of Missional Practice is now available with articles by Juan Martinez, Martin Robinson & Alan Roxburgh

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