Church Systems

Innovation & Change for Church Systems

Congregations, leaders and church systems can find themselves in a space where they want to engage in a focused process of assessment, design and engagement.  This  often requires the assistance of outside eyes and skilled facilitation, coaching and consulting processes that engage in a  journey of missional transformation.

5 Step Process

In this process, clergy, congregations and regional staff work together over an 18-month period in complementary processes of transformation to reengage the call of the Gospel and join God’s redemptive work in their local communities.

Congregations: When clusters of congregations work together and support each other in a process of discernment and experimenting, innovation and change starts to happen. The 5-Step Process provides a way for congregations to go on a shared journey together in discerning ways of joining God in their neighborhoods and asking how the Spirit is inviting them to re-orient their lives as God’s people.

Clergy: In a similar way, pastors of local churches know they need to learn fresh ways of forming God’s people and they are longing to discover a community of co-learners in this journey. The 5 Step Process brings together clusters of pastors to discern the practices of forming communities that fundamentally re-orient the praxis of their communities for the sake of the Gospel and the transformation of God’s world.

Regional System: A Synod/Diocese/Conference/Presbytery develops the skills, frameworks and ability to lead congregations and clergy in missional transformation.  These leaders have an action-directed laboratory to assess what they need to do to assist and lead missional transformation among their congregations.

Systems Consulting

coachingChurch systems can find themselves in a space where they want to engage in a focused process of assessment and design to engage processes of innovation and change. Adaptive change across a system often requires the assistance of outside eyes and skilled consulting processes to assist it in engaging the journey of missional transformation.

TMN’s experienced consultants have partnered with many church systems across a wide array of denominational and theological perspectives including:

  • United Methodist Church
  • American Baptist Church
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church, USA
  • Presbyterian Church USA
  • Anglican Church, CA
  • Reformed Church of America
  • Moravian Church
  • Christian Reformed Church, NA
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
  • Episcopal Church USA
  • Mennonite Church USA

To begin a conversation about engaging in a journey of innovation and change for your church system, please contact us.

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